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With so many aspects involved in commercial remodeling, it’s essential that you have the perfect company doing the work for you if you are going to get the results you expect. At SH Renovations, we are that perfect company. For years, we have been carrying out professional, innovative, and expert commercial remodeling in Norman OK for all kinds of commercial businesses. Our high ratings and loyal customers are a true treatment to our high standards and professional ability in the industry. When you use our services, you’ll receive the best work from the best company!

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Benefits of our
commercial remodeling service

Our online customer portal is just one of the many benefits you can experience when you hire SH Renovations. With our online portal or mobile app, you can receive daily updates on your project directly from the crew. You can also keep an eye on the schedule, see the progress, sign documents, handle the billing, and so much more. This addition we have created for our customers saves time, limits stress, and prevents miscommunication.

As a business yourself, you’ll know the importance of having high levels of professionalism when carrying our work and dealing with clients. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find a construction and remodeling company that is incredibly professional at all times. However, SH Renovations is! When we carry out our commercial remodeling in Norman OK, we guarantee you’ll receive a professional service from start to finish!

At SH Renovations, we believe having consistency with our work and standards is paramount! Through this consistency of high-quality work, excellent communication, cleanliness, reliability, easy scheduling, and great prices, we’ve been able to grow our company and reputation to the highest level! When you deal with us, you can be certain you’ll receive the same high standards we provide for all our clients every single day!

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Avoid Unlicensed Commercial Remodeling in Norman OK

Oftentimes, people hire a construction company purely on the price. This can sometimes lead to disaster when something goes wrong. If something unfortunate transpires, and the company isn’t licensed or insured for the work, you’re in for a world of hurt. The only way to avoid any financial problems or stressful remodeling work is to use a company that is experienced, professional, licensed and insured. At SH Renovations, we tick all those boxes and more. Not only are all our crew members highly trained and experienced, but all our commercial remodeling in Norman OK is also fully insured, and our company is licensed. You really are in the safest hands with us!

Why choose SH Renovation among other companies?

Fully InsuredContactless EstimatesOnline Client PortalProvides a WarrantyDesign Services
Handy Man
Good for small projects, but lacks high quality finishes, custom options, ability to handle large projects, and more..
Average Contractors

Lack-Luster timelines, cost over runs, inconsistent work schedule.
SH Renovations Kitchen Remodeling
Handy ManAverage Contractors180Sites Website Design Company Logo
Fully Insured
Contactless Estimates
Online Estimates
Provides A Warranty
Design Services

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Frequently asked questions

Planning for commercial remodeling in Norman OK can be a tough process, but there are three main parts. First, you need to have a plan in place – which areas need remodeling, how do you want them to look, etc. Second, figure out a rough total cost and budget, so you know what to expect when you obtain a quote. Finally, reach out to SH Renovations for your quote. Include all the relevant information, including pictures and plans!

Yes! In more or less all instances, you will need to get the correct permits and insurance for the commercial remodeling project. However, the requirements vary depending on location and details. You should consult with your local authority to ensure you get the right paperwork.

The final answer will depend on the project’s size and specifications. Once we have all your information and project needs, we’ll be able to give you an accurate idea of timeframes.

In most cases, we will be able to section off areas of your commercial building so they can still be used while the remodeling takes place. We will always do our best to cause as little disturbance as possible during our commercial remodeling in Norman OK, and will always try to leave you with space to use.

While we don’t itemize anything, we are always 100% open and honest about the overall cost of the project. The final cost will depend on your project details which we can discuss with you after we know more.

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