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Consult With the Right Contractor to Avoid Problems

Renovating your kitchen is a project that can quickly become problematic once you get into the walls. Planning ahead with a skilled contractor can save you trouble, but it’s still a good idea to be ready for delays.

Working on the Busiest Room in the House

Both bathrooms and kitchens are hardworking rooms, but most homes have more than one bathroom. There’s no standby kitchen in most homes. To make sure that your kitchen renovation isn’t terribly disruptive, planning is key.

Are you moving your sink? Water lines will be an issue. Are you moving your stove? You may need gas lines rerouted, electrical outlets moved and ventilation changed. If your refrigerator has a water dispenser or an ice maker, that water line may need to be addressed.

Because power upgrades and gas line moves may require different inspections and new permits, starting early may be the most important step. Delays after tear-out may be easier to manage if your contractor has planned ahead for these inspections and permits.

Consider Other Upgrades

As noted above, moving your stove may require you to move gas lines around your kitchen. Will this require a change under your kitchen? Can you use the previous gas line for a feature in your basement? Marking and discussing these upgrades can get the wheels churning to use these changes to your benefit.

Your new gas line for your stove can lead to more than a stub in your basement. If you’ve been thinking about adding an outdoor kitchen or a fire feature outside your home, this old gas line could be left in position to add these features at a later date. Working with a contractor who can help you define your vision for future updates can put current changes to work in future renovations.

Avoid Delays

Detailed conversations about factors that could slow down the process are worth your time. If your current home is older, adding a new electric service for a convection oven may mean that you need to upgrade the electricity in your home or update your breaker box.

A kitchen renovation could also be an ideal time to upgrade your water pipes, possibly from the street or from the well. While these changes may add to the total cost of your renovation, they can also protect your family from health risks caused by old water pipes.

Knowing as much as possible before the renovation begins is critical to the success of your kitchen update. The team at SH Renovations can help you prepare for the smoothest kitchen remodel possible in Norman, OK, so call today.