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Is your home beginning to feel overcrowded, cramped, or lacking the necessary function and flexibility? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might also believe it is time to begin your search for a new home. But, first, it is crucial to evaluate the cost and other sacrifices you will make to gain added space. If you are not prepared to start over in a new neighborhood or city, the team at SH Renovations has the perfect solution for you. Norman home additions can be a simpler and more cost-effective way to gain more space without giving up the home that holds happy memories and milestones. Contact SH Renovations at (405) 544-0033 to learn more about innovative solutions that will not require packing and relocating to a new house to begin re-establishing your home and family life.

The Skill Of A Seamless Addition

At SH Renovations, our team wants customers to understand that we can deliver much more than just added space for storage or a larger bathroom. Our experts can flawlessly integrate entire rooms into your current home. Extending roof lines and blending into the existing elevations are vital skills that set SH Renovations additions apart from builders. We understand that the most successful Norman home additions are the ones that never look like additions. We want guests to your home to believe that the space we added was always a part of the house.

Adding More Than Just Square Footage

When you picture home additions in Norman, you might imagine a few extra square feet here and there to provide storage or an additional bathroom. But that is just the very beginning of what SH Renovations has to offer. Please consider some of our most popular room additions, which include:
And all of these large and very functional spaces can also offer added storage and the flexibility to meet multiple needs. So please consider the features you want in your dream home. Then call SH Renovations at (405) 544-0033 to discover how affordable and stress-free it can be to add them to your current home.

The Added Value Of Working With Professionals

While you might have a very clear image of the added space and function you would have in your dream home, most likely, you have no idea how to incorporate them into your current home. That task that sounds monumental to you is what makes our expert design team so valuable. Our staff has years of experience working with homeowners to understand how they use the spaces in their homes and what needs to happen to improve the function of their homes. Call SH Renovations at (405) 544-0033 and discover why we are the leading home addition contractor in Norman and OKC.

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