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patio area with settees and table

How to Keep Your Patio Looking Beautiful This Summer

Maintenance is necessary to ensure that your patio area is ready for entertaining. You want your surface and furniture to look their best for your guests. The good news is that what’s necessary to maintain this area takes relatively little time.

Give Your Patio Floor a Cleaning

A bucket of warm, soapy water is ideal for cleaning many patio floors. Starting off by sweeping away the dirt and scrubbing the pavers works well for most. However, your floor might sometimes require a little more for effective cleaning, especially if food or beverage spills have happened.

Heavy stains on a stone patio may require a diluted vinegar solution. However, it’s important to exercise caution when using one of these solutions. Getting vinegar water in your eyes can be very irritating, so you’ll want to avoid having the solution splashing into your face.

Have Your Patio Sealed If Appropriate

Sealing isn’t necessary for all stone patios. For example, bluestone and slate have a good track record of self-sealing under foot traffic. Sealing non-porous surfaces provides a glossier or “wet” aesthetic.

If your patio uses concrete or another porous material, you may benefit from having it sealed. This step is important to take if the concrete was painted at any point. Water can cause the concrete to expand and crack.

Be Conservative With Power Washing

Excess pressure from power washing can damage some stone materials. This type of patio cleaning is best left to a professional. Otherwise, you could have damage that requires repair before use.

A rinse with the hose can be sufficient if your patio doesn’t have heavy dirt buildup. You might consider using a nozzle that allows you to change the intensity of the water stream. Giving your patio a rinse early on a sunny day will allow it time to dry.

Say No to the Wire Brush

A wire brush takes things too far for many stains. At the very most, these brushes can chip or scratch many stone surfaces. The damage one of these brushes can cause might be permanent.

If your patio has gum or similar substances stuck to it, consider using a heavy plastic tool to scrape it off. You can clean any residue off using vinegar and water. If one area of the patio has gotten multiple major stains, it might be time to rearrange your patio furniture.

Following a few easy maintenance tips will keep your patio looking beautiful for summer. When you need patio services, simply contact us at SH Renovations in Norman, OK.