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Wood terrace with beautiful lake and mountain view

These Steps Will Keep Your Deck in Top Shape

Wood decks are a great addition to homes, but the wood can wear down over time. Extreme weather, such as heat waves or snowstorms, can also destroy the wood on your deck. Consulting a deck expert and having a maintenance routine, however, will ensure that you can use your deck for as long as possible.

Inspect Your Deck Regularly

Checking your deck for structural soundness and signs of rot is one of the most essential parts of maintaining your deck. If you require repairs, you’re better off having these repairs done before the warmer weather arrives and you’re using the deck more.

Watch for any of these signs you need your deck serviced:

  • Loose ledger boards
  • Loose railings
  • Exposed or raised nails
  • Holes in the wood
  • Rusted hardware

Check for Broken or Damaged Boards

Broken or damaged deck boards are unsightly. They are also a safety hazard to you and your family members. There are different materials you might choose from when you need new boards, including pressure-treated lumber, cedar, and composite.

Cedar is durable and requires minimal care but is more expensive. Pressure-treated lumber costs less but requires more maintenance. Composite lasts the longest, with the most minor maintenance, but costs more.

If multiple boards require replacement, consider having all the boards replaced. Replacing all your boards is an excellent way to give your deck a facelift. Alternatively, you can also go with a new design.

The Best Way to Clean Your Deck

Cleaning your deck is an integral part of the maintenance process. Furniture, plants, and toys should be out of the way before you start.

A thorough sweep will remove any debris that might stick to the deck. Using a putty knife can get rid of anything that gets stuck in between the cracks.

Using a biodegradable spray cleaner with a bristle brush provides the best coverage. The garden hose is the best way to rinse the deck.

Pressure washers should be used with wood decks according to manufacturer directions. Remember, though, that composite decks should never be pressure-washed.

General Deck Tips

Rearranging your deck furniture can prevent mismatched color patches from the sun. Moving these items around also prevents water from pooling underneath. Mats or rugs made from natural fibers can trap moisture underneath. Synthetic or plastic floor covers are less likely to trap water. Any bushes or trees should be at least 12 in from the deck. This distance keeps mold, moss, and rot away from the deck.

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