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4 Easy Ways to Save on a Kitchen Remodel

With as much time as you spend in your kitchen, why not make it one of your favorite rooms? You may want to establish a kitchen triangle to make prep work much easier, or you might prefer some new appliances that add a fresh touch. Remodel jobs can range from a small amount to more than you spent on your last car. See some of the best ways you can save and still design the kitchen of your dreams.

1. Save as Much as You Can

You don’t need to replace everything in your kitchen to change its look. Try saving as many items as you can and breathing new life into them. Instead of buying new cabinets, add a fresh coat of paint or stain to your current ones. You may even want to remove some of the doors to create open shelving. Using adhesive tile is just as easy. It comes in dozens of colors and will work almost anywhere in your kitchen. Install it yourself to save even more.

2. Use More Than One Source

Don’t assume that you need to buy from one site, store, or company. You can often save money when you rely on more than one source. Check local websites and apps like Nextdoor and Facebook. Contractors and other homeowners may sell extra materials or products cheaply when they have leftovers after a project. Look for scratch and dent stores in your area to find new appliances with minor damage for less. You can also search for vintage sinks and other kitchen essentials to add a homey look.

3. Add Some Color

Adding some color is a good way to remodel your kitchen without going over your budget. Think about creating a focal wall with a bright pop of color like lemon yellow. Even changing just one wall can make a big impact. Adding a backsplash is another fun idea that provides an instant update. Use standard ceramic or porcelain tile or even vinyl tile that sticks right to the wall. You’ll find similar products you can add to your counters or appliances to change the way they look, too.

4. Consider Cheaper Materials

Avoid going over your kitchen remodeling budget with some cheaper materials. As much as you love the look of natural stone, it’s expensive and hard to clean. Laminate counters are much cheaper and now come in styles that look like real stone. You’ll find similar options for your floor. Cork is another flooring material that works well in kitchens. It can even reduce fatigue when you spend a lot of time cooking and cleaning.

Knowing how to save on your kitchen remodel helps you stick to the budget you have in mind. Always compare prices across different sources, know when to add color, reuse as much as you can, and opt for cheaper materials. Turn to SH Renovations if you live in Norman, OK and need help with your kitchen remodeling project.