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7 Things to Help You Remodel Your Bathroom During the Holidays

The decorations and lights of the holiday season increase your curb appeal, but you can use that same logic inside your home. Remodeling your bathroom for the holidays helps brighten your household’s daily routine. Here are some things to remember before taking on a few remodeling projects in your bathroom for the holidays.

1. Budget and Priorities

Deciding on the priority areas of the room is one of the first things when planning a bathroom remodel. Decide the order of your priority list after figuring out how much you’ll spend on the remodel. Your realistic budget should include anything faulty at the top of the list.

2. Priority List Vs. Wish List

Think about how people use your bathroom before the project starts. Your wish list can include the priority list and aesthetic features as well. The decorations and style of your bathroom are important, but your remodeling should have functionality in mind for the holidays.

3. Is a Total Remodel Necessary?

Decide if an overhaul is necessary once your priority and wish lists are ready. A complete bathroom overhaul may not be necessary when switching out older fixtures to create a fresh space. Updating small sections, such as towel racks and sink faucets, can change your bathroom for the holidays with a smaller financial investment.

4. Fresh Coat of Paint

To go along with your bathroom remodel for the holidays, a fresh coat of paint can go a long way. Paint dulls, stains, and chips over time, but a new color can brighten your bathroom. You may need to switch some fixtures to keep everything matching before changing the color of your bathroom, though.

5. A New Faucet

One of the more common bathroom projects before the holidays is installing a new bathroom sink. A new faucet could change the aesthetics of your bathroom or improve the functionality of the older one. Select a faucet with the same configuration to cut down on the work, and remember you may need a new vanity for the sink.

6. Take Care of Necessary Repairs

Try to anticipate your guests’ holiday needs before choosing remodeling projects in your bathroom. Some common upgrades for this time of the year include leaky sinks, faulty fixtures, and low water pressure shower heads. The best remodels can increase guests’ comfort during seasonal gatherings.

7. Decorate and Accessorize

Another way to help your seasonal remodel is to decorate and accessorize your bathroom for the holidays. You can use festive cloth and towels or seasonal soaps. Scented candles and greenery along the mirror are another easy way to make your holiday remodel stand out to your guests.

There are things to remember before you start your bathroom remodel for the holidays. Decide if you need a complete overhaul or specific projects to brighten your bathroom. If you have any questions about remodeling your bathroom in Norman, OK, call us at SH Renovations to schedule a consultation today.