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Should Windows Be Replace in the Winter?

Windows play several important roles. Obviously, they let in natural light and can bring in fresh air, and they can add to the beauty and curb appeal of a home. They can also help insulate a home, and this is especially true if they’re newer and have been built with this purpose in mind.

Replacing your windows can help your place be more energy efficient. This is a job that can be done at pretty much any time, and the winter could be a great opportunity for window replacement.

Winter Window Replacement Could Make Financial Sense

The cost of windows can be subject to the same ups and downs that other items in the market deal with. In the winter, suppliers might be trying to get rid of last year’s inventory, and stores may be focusing on other types of products. That’s why it can be a smart idea to buy windows in the winter. Lower demand could mean that windows will be on sale, and the desire to clear some space for the next year’s product line could also encourage prices to go down.

More Flexibility With Time

At SH Renovations, the warmer months are typically the ones in which we’re the busiest. People in Norman like to get things done while the weather is nice and the ground isn’t covered with frost, ice, or snow. We may be more flexible with our scheduling in the winter, and this could work out well for you.

We can likely get to your project sooner rather than later. There’s no need to worry about the cold air since working on one window at a time can keep your home warmer, and so can closing doors and doing whatever we can to keep the cool air from blowing all over. Our team is very efficient at renovations and window replacements, and you might be surprised at how quickly we can take care of everything.

New Windows Can Reduce Your Heating Bills

Another reason why you might consider replacing your windows in the winter is that newer windows can do a better job of keeping warm air inside. A window’s U-factor indicates how well it can insulate, and this number could range from 0.2 to 1.2. Lower U-factor numbers indicate better insulation.

It’s important to do what you can to combat the low temperatures that come to Norman in the winter, and choosing a window with a lower U-factor can be a strategic move. We can go over various window options with you, and you might consider going with triple-paned windows if you want to maximize efficiency.

Ready to Help

Winter can be a good time to replace your windows. During this season, certain windows may be discounted. You’ll likely be able to schedule the project quickly, and you’ll be able to make your home more efficient. Call SH Renovations to find out more.