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A residential house installing a new kitchen with some of the cabenits put into place but much more work to go.

Consider Getting Your Home Renovations Done in the Winter

When the winter comes to Norman, it can get really cold. While we can sometimes get big snow storms, our area usually doesn’t get hit too badly in this regard. At SH Renovations, the cold weather doesn’t slow us down, and we’re active throughout the year. If you’ve been thinking about getting started with a home renovation project, we encourage you to schedule it this winter. This season can be an ideal time to have this type of work done.

More Flexibility

It’s true that many people schedule their home renovation projects in the spring and summer. What this means is that we’re pretty busy during these seasons. If you appreciate working with someone who has more flexibility and time to pay attention to your needs, the winter is an optimal season. It’s much more likely that we’ll be able to come out to your place in Norman on the earlier side rather than the later side. Plus, if you have to get any permits for your project, there’s less likely to be a long wait time in the winter.

Schedule Around Vacations

Winter weather can sometimes be dreary, and that’s why a lot of locals like to plan vacations during this time. Many people flock to the states to our south, or, alternatively, they may head up to the ski slopes up in the mountains. If you’re planning a trip away from home, you can coordinate the bulk of the renovation project to happen during your vacation. This way, you can minimize inconveniences. If we have to turn off the electricity or water during a renovation, for instance, it may be better if we plan to do this when you’re not at home.

Less Competition for Supplies

In recent years, the demand for construction supplies has been high, and the industry has had a hard time keeping up with all that demand. Some projects have experienced delays for this reason. We may have an easier time sourcing your construction materials if you schedule your project in the winter.

Also, some suppliers may want to get rid of the materials from the previous season so that they can make room for the next batch of inventory. Certain flooring items or appliances may be on sale in the winter, for example, and taking advantage of these deals can result in big savings for you. You can keep an eye out for Black Friday specials or sales that occur around the New Year.

Ideal Conditions

It might be surprising, but the winter weather may actually be more ideal for certain kinds of remodeling projects. That’s because summers in Oklahoma can be extremely hot and humid. These conditions are hard to deal with as opposed to the drier weather that we often have in the winter.

The winter comes with many benefits when it comes to home remodeling projects. Please call us at SH Renovations if you’d like to discuss your ideas.