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interior of a custom kitchen

Renovate Your Kitchen This Summer for Food, Family and Fun!

Your kitchen is the hardest working room in the house. It’s also intricately designed, with water, gas and electricity lines likely in place so all your appliances can function effectively. To make sure that your summer kitchen renovation is effective all yearlong, consider the tips below.

Light Up Your Workspace

Under-cabinet lighting and pendant lights over your island or peninsula offer several benefits. Chopping veggies with a knife will be much less hazardous with strong task lighting. These lights can also function as night lights, especially if you add a motion sensor to the mechanism.

Create an Easy Traffic Workflow

A kitchen island where multiple folks can work will make cooking together a lot more fun. If you don’t have a spot for an island, make sure that there are multiple countertop areas where several people can work.

Part of a strong workflow is to create small islands of activity. For example, your coffee preparation space needn’t be huge to provide you exactly what you need. By getting your coffeepot off the counter by the sink, you can increase your meal prep space.

Create a Pantry

Everyone has certainly noticed that food budgets are tightening. To get the most out of your food budget, adding a pantry to your current kitchen is a way to improve your storage and protect your pocketbook!

A pantry really doesn’t need much room. A small utility closet can be turned into a terrific pantry with simple tools, such as heavy-duty shelving for some appliances that don’t get used every day. A hearty drawer unit can serve as storage for canned goods while dry goods can be stored in clear jars on upper shelves.

If your current layout doesn’t allow room for a separate pantry, consider adding a pull-out pantry cabinet beside your refrigerator or pull-down racks to your upper cabinets. When summer storms threaten your electrical power, knowing that you have a pantry full of shelf-stable foods can lower your stress level!

Consider a Butler’s Pantry

A butler’s pantry offers the ideal combination of both storage and workspace. One of the nicest features of a butler’s pantry is that you can incorporate a sink into the space. This is an ideal spot to prep fruits and veggies from the local farmers market or from your backyard garden.

If you’re a resident of Norman, Oklahoma and ready for expert help with a summer kitchen remodeling, the professionals at SH Renovations are ready to help you plan your dream kitchen, so call today.