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backyard deck overlooking lawn

Choosing the Right Location for Your Deck is Key

Adding a wooden deck onto your home can greatly expand your entertaining and relaxation space. Putting it in the perfect spot may give you morning shade for your coffee. You can also position it so your house provides protection from the heat of the setting sun. Consider the pros and cons before you get your deck designed and built.

Pros of a Wooden Deck

Decks are generally built to the same height as the sill of the doorway that is used to access them. A deck off your second-story bedroom could offer many benefits. You’ll have a private spot to enjoy some fresh air upstairs and shade for the lower part of the house. The structure under your second-story deck could be used for storage or turned into a patio for even more outdoor enjoyment.

Because decks are elevated, they’re ideally suited to catch a breeze. A stone patio, on the other hand, may become breathless and hot if it’s in direct sun as the day warms up. Choosing your deck location and planning to keep it shaded for the time you will use it most often is a critical part of your decision.

Cons of Installing a Wooden Deck

A stone patio is permanent; a wooden deck will need to be maintained. You’ll need to get on a regular schedule of cleaning and sealing your wooden deck to make sure that the planking doesn’t start to splinter or warp.

You’ll also need to keep an eye on the structure under the deck. If the framing members under your deck start to rot or degrade in any way, the whole structure may start to warp and twist, causing splits and splintering on the planking.

It’s a good idea to seal the access points under a main floor deck with lathe or another porous product. Your new deck may not provide enough clearance for an adult, but your children may be able to crawl under there and become trapped or suffer an injury. It’s also possible that pests will make a home in the cool, shady spot you’ve provided.

Make sure you also consider drainage under your deck. If you add a second story deck to your home, rainwater will enter the space below and may pool along your foundation. Your main floor deck could also leave the soil against your slab or basement wall soggy.

If you’re considering updating your Norman, OK home with a spacious wooden deck, call our professionals at SH Renovations for a quote on your project.