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Custom Master Bathroom

How to Make Sure You Get Your Dream Bathroom

You’ve decided it’s time to redo the bathroom. But hmmm. What’s it going to be? All white. Cottage core. Black with gold trim. 1920s New York. Possibly, you want something Asian-inspired? Then again, maybe it’s the dream bathroom you know by heart. Whatever you decide, renovations are exciting projects for homeowners to take on.

As exciting as they are, renovations can also be a little daunting. After all, you’re handing over part of your house to strangers for a few weeks. Relax. The contractors are professionals. They do this every day. They’ll demystify everything and guide you through the process. Your job is to budget, plan, and keep the lines of communication between you and the contractors open.

Begin by finding out if you need any special permits for the remodel. Then, decide on a budget. Once you’re done with that, start planning the design.

Visualize What You Want

Take accurate measurements of the bathroom to get a good idea of the amount of space you have to work with. Then, imagine the bathroom when the renovation is over. What will it look like? Even if you’re visualizing your dream bathroom, zoom in to see it in finite detail – all the way down to the knobs on the cabinets.

Think about colors, flooring, cabinet size and design, lighting, bathroom fixtures, energy-saving upgrades, and possible changes to the layout. If you get lost in too many options, try thinking inside of a theme, such as cottage core, glam, Spanish-inspired, or traditional.

Know What Can and Can’t Be Done

It’s important to be flexible. You may have visualized a bathroom that fits someone else’s space, not yours. Fixtures can be moved around, but listen to the contractors for their advice and be prepared to find out that you need to make adjustments. Remember, you have to optimize the space you have, not what you don’t.

It’s the Bathroom – So, Don’t Forget About the Plumbing

The basics of plumbing should be included in the design plan from the beginning. Be prepared to replace old, worn-out pipes and address any other problems with the bathroom plumbing.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Instead, combine the vision you have for the bathroom with the knowledge and experience of the contractors. Building a good working relationship between you and them will make it much easier to handle the process as it is happening and to better understand why some adjustments need to be made.

For your bathroom remodeling needs, you can trust the licensed contractors at SH Renovations in Norman, OK. Tell us your dream bathroom, and we can make it happen.