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5 Expensive Problems That Complicate a Deck Installation Project at Your Home

You may be thinking about some outdoor construction projects as spring nears. Decks are an extension of your living space that can have quite a lot of personality. A deck is a massive investment, but mistakes can add to the project’s costs.

1. Wrong Materials

Our contractors understand what types of materials work best for each project, but you might not know the best materials for your deck. The number of options for materials is extensive, and you may not understand how long each one lasts. Recommended wood depends on the climate, your budget, and the purpose for the deck.

Composite materials are the most expensive and best quality because they don’t rot or warp in wet weather. Premium lumber is high-quality and cheaper than composite but is susceptible to wood rot. Choice grade lumber is a cheaper option that acts like premium grade but has knots in the wood and other defects.

2. Low Construction Quality

Composite or pressure-treated lumber is often a preferred option for decks because of its resistance to rot and decay. Our contractors know the best materials for a project and where to get the best prices. You never want boards with warping, knots, splits, or other defects because you’ll have to replace them faster.

A strong deck requires the best materials for the job, which includes corrosion-resistant screws and nails. You may have to replace your deck once or twice a year if you use low-quality materials. Our contractors will use wooden and metal beams with the decking materials to create a sturdy deck and save you money on future repairs.

3. Poor Budgeting

Your deck is another space in your home that lets you enjoy your yard during the warmer months. The materials for your deck may change depending on its use, but remember, the deck shouldn’t be the entire budget. Outdoor lighting can elevate your outdoor space while providing security.

Outdoor lighting for a deck includes many options, such as LED, solar, traditional bulbs, and deck lights. Solar lights, battery-powered lights, and lights with plugs depend on your preference, but you may find that sting lights fit your landscaping better. Low-voltage LED deck lights are more expensive than traditional lighting but use less energy and have a longer lifespan to save you money.

4. Forgetting the Understructure

Install your beams and posts properly in the understructure, or your deck could become unstable. The understructure keeps your deck sturdy and extends its lifespan to save you money on repairs or replacements. Inspect the understructure for signs of damage, such as wood rot and rust residue, to catch issues early.

5. Underestimating the Timetable

A deck is a massive project that costs time and money, but you never want to rush the job. Rushing the process could save you money, but cutting corners always costs more in the future. Always factor in lighting, landscaping, and decking materials while leaving enough time to get the job done right.

Building a deck is best done with contractors who understand how to budget the time and money needed for the project. Mistakes such as using the wrong materials or underestimating the required time can cost you more money during the job. If you need help with installing decks and patios in Norman, OK, then call us at SH Renovations for a free consultation today.