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Follow These Tips When Adding a Home Addition in the Winter

Most people spend significantly more time indoors during the winter than they do during the other seasons. This makes it a perfect opportunity to get involved with an addition project that you might not have time for during the spring or summer. While colder weather can bring some complications and limitations, there are some helpful tips and advantages you can leverage as well while taking on the job.

Plan Indoor Work for Cold Months

All home addition projects have multiple stages that typically begin with external structure work and end by finishing the interior. When possible, homeowners should plan to get most of the outdoor work done before winter so they can focus on the interior. Even partial insulation of the space can make the work much more pleasant and energy-efficient.

Prepare to Manage Ice

Ice is one of the biggest personal hazards in any wintertime construction project. It’s not something you want to deal with over and over again as you move around the area or have to navigate while carrying a load. Prepare ahead by investing in ice-resistant mats, salts or other treatments to keep everyone on the property safe.

Insulate and Airlock the Home

Additions can be a tricky prospect for a homeowner because of the potential loss of heat into an uninsulated area and the problems it can cause with pets or children. That’s why it’s usually best to set up temporary barriers or doors to create an airlock system to preserve heat in the living spaces and keep young children or pets away from the workspace. Winter is a dangerous time for active plumbing infrastructure as well, so be sure to protect exposed pipes and fixtures accordingly.

Install Lighting and Cameras

Adding some extra flood lights and even motion-detecting cameras inside and outside the property can be a fantastic safety measure. Not only are they an excellent deterrent and security measure, but they can make the worksite safer for everyone involved as well. Some modern camera systems only take minutes to set up, reconfigure and access remotely from smartphones.

Embrace Renovation This Winter

Home addition projects and other major renovations can be a great way to spend the winter provided you plan ahead and get the materials, tools and other equipment you need in place. As an experienced general contractor in Norman, OK, SH Renovations has the experience and expertise to handle home addition construction with ease, so contact us to learn more about how our services can become your solutions.